Working on your skates pt1 (removable holders)

Here is the story, I went to my local pro shop to have new tuuk holders installed. After I got them back I had nothing but problems loose rivets, the rivets destroyed my footbeds because they weren’t flattened, loose blade, my skates sounded like tap shoes. I dropped them off and picked them up many times and still had problems. I decided to figure out a way to do it myself. So at anytime I wanna swap holders all I need is a 2.5mm Allen key, I did not alter the boots at all , I just removed the rivets and installed the silver flat tee nuts. And mounted with stainless steel Allen bolts with brass washers.

I started with my bauer one100 boots

Removed the rivets and

Then I pressed in the tee nuts flat into the boots

Once they were pressed in I installed the tuuks and started screwing in the bolts with each with a brass washer



The finished product is a skate that weighs about the same but can be worked on anytime you want






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