Reboot Hockey Training Manual Coming Very Soon

Hey Gang,

You may have noticed that there has not been a lot of new content added recently to the Reboot Hockey blog. That’s because I’ve been working on a Reboot Hockey E-Book, which should be done by March 1st (if not before).  I’m doing final editing on it as we speak.

The E-Book will be called The Reboot Hockey Off-Ice Training Manual, and will cover the following topics:

  • Choosing an Ideal Hockey Stick v. 2.0
  • How to Optimize Your Hockey Skates v. 2.0
  • Nutrition/Supplement Recommendations
  • An exhaustive section on Training Recommendation, which is taking me forever to finish writing
  • 2016 Hockey Skate Buyers Guide
  • Considerations for Flat Feet and Skate Selection, complete with exercises
  • Technical Points on Hockey Skating
  • A short section on Hockey Theory

As a thank you for purchasing the book, I am also offering to construct a personal off-ice training program for you. While there is plenty of content and information in the Manual, if you would like a very specialized program for you and you alone, I am including e-mail consultation and program design with the purchase.

I am going to make the initial run of the E-Book available for $11 (naturally). I have jammed a ton of value into the book. The book will be available for immediate download, and I am working to make sure it is available on all portable devices.

On behalf of Reboot Hockey, I am grateful for you continued support. The Reboot Hockey readership continues to climb every week, despite the recent lack of new content. I hope that you will consider purchasing the E-Book, which I have tried to price fairly and at a strong value. Look for the book to be published by March 1st, or maybe a bit sooner if time allows.

Again, thank you for your support.



2 thoughts on “Reboot Hockey Training Manual Coming Very Soon

  1. Jack,

    Any update on the publication date? Looking forward to reading it.

    • Andrew,

      Currently editing the final draft (which is a huge pain) and making a cover in Photoshop. But really, it should be done any day. Thanks so much for supporting Reboot.


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