I’m Jack. I’m the one in the picture trying to mat down Zack’s outrageous Guido curls with my tongue.



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  1. Hey Jack,

    My name is Chris and I’m the guy that sold you the Tacks earlier this year. How did those end up working out for you?

    I was looking for a review of the U+ CL and stumbled upon this blog. I clicked the link about “How to Optimize Your Skates,” scrolled down the page, and saw a picture of the Tacks. Turns out the internet actually can be a small world…. Anyway, I just thought I’d drop you a line.

    As long as you’re waxing about the U+ CL, I’ll throw in my $0.02: Even though this skate put CCM back on the map, I feel it is a skate that was vastly underappreciated by the masses. I am trying to steer a buddy of mine toward them (which is why I was looking for reviews in the first place) and was surprised at the lack of detailed/long-term reviews out there. I got a pair in 2011 right after they came out and were my main skates until this past month when I got a once in a lifetime-type deal on a pair of pro stock RBZs. For all the hype surrounding the RBZ skate when it came out (and now the Tacks), I have my doubts that I will develop the type of attachment that I have to the CL. From one CCM afficiando to another, you will not regret this purchase.


    • Chris,

      Good to hear from you. To answer your first question, the Custom Pro Tacks you passed along to me are actually a Size 9.5, which might explain why they were such a big fit for you. The bottom of the holder is number 287, which you probably know is CCM’s 9.5 – 10 Holder Designation.

      Long story short, it basically broke my heart when it became apparent that they were a bit too big for competitive use. I actually didn’t notice how much extra room my foot had in the boot until I played in an A League Tournament and started sliding around everywhere. Anyway, I am sitting on the fence right now, very reluctant to re-sell them because they’re so awesome but knowing they will probably never fit properly.

      I am still trying to re-sell my Crazy Lights. As you read in the article, while I like the fit around the bottom of the foot, I prefer a more-traditional fit along the eyelet row. This is why I love those Custom Pro Tacks you sold me so much: pro stiffness around the foot while providing old-school pliability around the top. It kills me that they’re too big.

      I think the Crazy Light is certainly an above-average boot, but it was just not the boot for me. I thought the Vector-era (2006-2009) skates actually fit like more “traditional” CCM boots. Right now, I’m mainly using a pair of Reebok 11K pumps while I look for something comparable to the Custom Pro Tacks you sold me.

      Please keep in touch, and check out our Reboot Hockey Facebook page.


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